Luxury Architectural Design Expert In Bengaluru

Photo Of Rit Cafeteria


Interior Design: Ramaiah Cafeteria project is one of our most challenging and rewarding projects so far. Being alumni of this prestigious university, we exactly knew what our cafeteria needed. We designed this space with great passion. Our design was an outcome of in-depth study of student requirements and behaviour. 

Courtyard House Image


Architecture: A luxury residence in one of the most expensive and sought after residential hubs in Bangalore, The main feature is this beautiful courtyard of 1000 SFT that welcomes everyone with awe.

Atelier 108 Office


Offices: We believe workspace of any company reflects upon its brand identity. The environment where people work has a direct effect on their productivity as well as creativity. So, it becomes imperative to give serious thought to the workspace design.

Our studio is anything but a corporate set-up! It is a space of inspiration. We design High-end luxury/premium residences both villas and apartments.



The definition of a dream house will be different for different people. What makes a dream home lavish and luxurious are its features—be it interiors, facilities, or amenities.

This is home has every bit that is handcrafted to the user's unique requirement. From furniture to art work all custom made and designed proudly our team.