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ATELIER 108 is an Architecture and design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength, and power into an urban lifestyle. With a diverse range of services, we pass on a unique experience in every space we design. Every day our tribe of designers along with craftsmen search for the most high-quality materials and innovative techniques to bring the comfort, functionality, and personality your space deserves.


At Atelier 108, We are a young and dynamic team working on architecture, interior design, and lifestyle products. We are based in Bangalore, established in 2015. We have a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of urban projects each carrying our hallmark - 


“Creativity, Innovation and Experimentation”.

We tell stories where the protagonists are different cultures, where the essence of time and the world is present.


Reach out to us, to embark in our story and allow us to navigate yours; find fierce, resilient, and timeless design ideas for your space that reflect your personality and way of living.

Meet our Luxury Home And Villa Interior Designers in Bengaluru

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We live in a material world, where old values are rapidly disappearing. We fill our spaces with mass-produced products, styles that have

no personality or uniqueness. We have the same furniture as millions of others in the world. If we are not all the same, if we are different and unique, why should our houses be exactly the same? Why should we have a house and not a home? We have to be fierce and resilient while working in a concrete jungle, where the laws of nature, of “eat or be eaten” apply. When we want to relax, we seek the outdoors, we seek nature and we seek our roots and the places where we were happy. With this in mind, ATELIER 108 was born in 2015.

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Every detail is carved in ourselves and in the natural elements. Every detail, every memory are wrinkles in time. At ATELIER 108 we tell stories through our spatial designs. Our designers travel around client's world to find the forgotten hobbies, words, stories, and traditions, the unusual textures and shapes, the unique personalities, in order to give life to our projects.

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Our search for creative and effective design ideas begins with a rigorous study of  client's brief, constraints and opportunities of the site and its history.


Our design process is imaginative, characterful and highly communicative. 

We strive to create memorable architecture that expresses key qualities of depth, excellence and inspiration.

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